Curation of SHAPE mixes on NTS Radio

Selecting mixes by emerging international electronic artists (Machine Woman, Tutu, Peder Mannerfelt, Black Zone Myth Chant, Low Jack, N1L, etc) for NTS Radio. 

'What Does Anti-Capitalist Ambient Sound Like?' Sam Kidel Interviewed (The Quietus, 2017)

Diatribes: Floating On A Sonic Carpet (Norient, 2017)

Electronic Beats - contributing editor (2010 - 2014)

Maurizio Martinucci (TeZ): Creative investigation in music, art, science (Digicult, 2016)

The audiovisual deconstruction of Julien Bayle (POSTmatter, 2016)

Underground Persistence: A Guide To Polish DIY Labels (The Quietus, 2014)

DIY Worldwide: Prague (Ad Hoc)