Palmovka live

This is my longstanding solo music project, mostly of hobbyist nature. 

Soundwalk project at Central European University (2017 - present)

A concert by participants of the Soundwalk Workshop conducted by me and Judit Emese Konopas at Central European University. Students are encouraged to record environmental sounds, and then play them at a concert together with other participants. The recording below is of such concert. 

SavvyFunk @ Documenta14

Radio/sound piece made for Savvy Funk as part of the Documenta14 radio programme. Berlin, 2017. 

SHAPE x Resonance FM

Creation of monthly radio shows for SHAPE platform for music and audiovisual art, a 7-year programme supported by the EU's Creative Europe programme (with members such as CTM Festival in Berlin, Unsound in Krakow, TodaysArt in the Hague), on Resonance FM, with interviews, music, etc. 

Norient x Easterndaze mixtape

Special audio collage/mix for the Norient platform, as exhibited at their exhibition at CTM Festival in Berlin. 

CTM 2016: Easterndaze: DIY Sonic Topographies in Central and Eastern Europe

CTM 2016 – New Geographies

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

A/V lecture by Lucia Udvardyová.
Easterndaze is a project that aims to document and connect new DIY music scenes in Central and Eastern Europe. Until recently, Eastern European culture – be it music or other forms of art – has been presented through the lenses of exoticisation and ideological narratives. It is often historicised and mythologised in the shadow of the past, while the present remains elusive.

More out of necessity than out of fashion, DIY has become the primary modus operandi for independent musicians, labels and initiatives. Bucharest's Future Nuggets, for instance, recontextualise their country's shunned musical past (with its styles like manele) under a fake palm tree to soundtrack the turbulent present and uncertain future. Belgrade's No Basement Is Deep Enough release beautiful tapes in a region where tapes never really went away. Samčo, brat dážďoviek subverts Slovak nationalism and xenophobia in his Dadaist music videos in times when right-wing tendencies in many CEE countries are on the rise.

Bucharest Audio Diary 2013

Bucharest is a vibrant, buoyant metropolis, a place with eclectic architecture – from Ceaușescu's stark modernism, socialist brutalism and neo-classicism to modern-day turbo-capitalism, struggling with the traumas of its past, dealing with the malaises of its present, hopeful for an uncertain future. One of the last havens of bona fide urban anarchy/freedom in Europe. I have spent a month in the Romanian capital and documented every day with a recording, an encounter, an audio vignette in an attempt to capture the fleeting transience of this unique place, an auditory psychogeographic exercise, a personal journey. From anthropologists to Manele, from house parties to street musicians, Mormons and demonstrators, horns and beeps, Bucharest is as rich visually and mentally, as it is sonically.


as aired on 18 November 2014 on Resonance FM